• Shelby County
  • Memphis
  • Trumbo. is a custom fabricator of ASME Code pressure vessels, heat exchangers, sterilizers, process piping and storage tanks. We can create alterations and repairs to existing equipment at our shop or in the field. We can supply boiler rental, repair and maintenance services. Our 1st ASME code vessel was founded in 1957.

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      City Memphis, TN
      Zip Code 38101
      Phone Number (901) 948-5716

    From Our Website

    We have crews available for all types of pipe fabrication and erection, tank erection, boiler repairs and boiler installation, boiler rental, mechanical contracting of new installations, and in-plant maintenance. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency repair.

    Trumbo, Inc. has a fully equipped, specialized crew, dedicated to boiler sales, inspection, installation, maintenance, and repair. Our rental boilers are completely self-contained and ready to deliver to your plant. Simply connect water, fuel, electric, and steam lines and these units are ready to produce.