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  • Home comfort will never be the same again! If you are visiting our site, I assume you are searching for a heating / cooling contractor for a new home, renovation, or to service / repair your existing HVAC system. I read a sign in a customer's office few years ago that read the sweetness of low price is soon overshadowed by the bitterness of poor quality.

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    At Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on being one of the contractors surfing the wave of technology for our client's benefit. We are the front runners in radiant heating, variable speed ducted air systems, air quality control, and energy management systems (using both technology and "green" building principals). The tools we utilize to keep your home comfort system at the peak of performance would make Inspector Gadget green with envy! Advanced home comfort begins with the comfort experts of Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling.

    The goal of every installation I embark on is to create an assembly of equipment and components that will work seamlessly to deliver a comfort level that exceeds all expectations. The definition of comfort is something that is as unique to an individual as their own fingerprint. The HVAC design that serves your home should be treated as an important factor in your future lifestyle that should not be left in the hands of just any contractor. Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has been recognized as one of the industry leaders in residential heating and cooling design / installation for the past 23 years.

    Need some help figuring out what is wrong with your system or how to start out on the right foot? Once again, you have come to the right resource. Most of the work that I do over the course of a year is "clean up" work, coming in to make things right. It would certainly be more cost effective to have an installation right the first time but problems do crop up and sometimes someone new has a better perspective on the issues. Due to the uncertain nature of construction and contractors, consulting and design assistance is a large part of what I do.