• Worcester County
  • Leominster
  • Jay Moody. has been in business for over twenty years servicing and installing HVAC heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment in N central Massachusetts. Founder and CEO Jay Moody has over forty years knowledge in the business and has gained a reputation for honest, dependable service to both home owners and contractors.

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      City Leominster, MA
      Zip Code 01453
      Address 180 Central Street
      Phone Number (978) 534-9483

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    Massachusetts residents are well aware of how harsh old man winter can be. Choosing the right size and type of heating system for your application will have a huge impact on your comfort and utility bill. Choosing the right contractor who will install it properly will ensure that you have less future headaches, a cleaner more professional appearance and can save you space in your utility room. Furnaces burn fuel (gas or oil) and pass the burnt air / exhaust through a series of pipes before exiting the building.

    Jay Moody's team of expert technician's has been installing air conditioning systems around Massachusetts for 40 years. Whether you have existing duct work from a forced hot air system and just need to add a cooling coil and condenser or you have a complete new project we have the expertise to size the system right, a complete sheet metal shop to make the exact duct and transition sizes for a clean professional installation. If you have a large open area that needs air conditioned ask us about the ductless a/c options and 1-day installation.