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    We'll do business with Horizon again, they take care of our concerns, show up on time, go above and beyond, do the work they say they are going to do, and are professional at all times. We cannot stress enough how important it is for a homeowner to have annual maintenance performed on their homes heating system, whether it's a gas furnace, hot water boiler, or a hybrid of the two, nothing is more effective at helping to eliminate unexpected failures in their homes comfort system, resulting in a no heat situation.

    Our technicians are background checked, uniformed and NATE certified professionals trained to properly diagnose, repair and service all types of Air Conditioning Systems as well as handle and dispose of refrigerant and freon per EPA requirements. Servicing an air conditioner could easily be passed off as, "If it's not broken, don't fix it", resulting in a neglected home appliance, and not until a failure occurs do homeowners give this appliance any thought. Not changing the oil in the family car, would be similar to not servicing your homes air conditioner.

    Because we spend so much time in our homes (up to 90 percent of our time) and the tremendous improvements in energy efficiencies in our homes, high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment, better windows and insulation, air sealing and weather stripping. That's all well and good for the lower energy bills, but because of the tighter air envelope, it allows for the trapped pet dander, dust, pollens and other allergens to recirculate in your home, which can create asthmatic and allergic reactions.

    When is it recommended a homeowner begin to investigate replacement of a furnace? When your furnace is still operating! You are in a better position to weigh your options and make a focused, informed decision when you are not in an emergency situation. If you wait too long you risk a heating failure, which always comes at the worst possible time. Holidays, weekends, extremely cold temperatures, a home full of guests, that always seems to be the time an older furnace will give out. Homeowners then find themselves in the uncomfortable position of hiring a company to install a furnace, just because that company could get to your home quickly.

    Our technicians are skilled in the repair and servicing of all brands of heating equipment for your office or business. Handling No Heat or No Cooling situations on rooftop mounted equipment, or RTU's as we call them in the industry. Handling thermostat, control and other occupant comfort issues is no problem either. Some minor issues like dirty air filters are common problems, but in some cases there are more serious issues involved, and we can handle it all. Please let us know when calling if we will require any unusual equipment access information, such as needing to contact building management for a key to a certain room, this will allow us to serve your needs quicker and faster, and help eliminate some confusion.

    Horizon Services Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has extensive knowledge of in-home safety equipment to help you keep your loved ones safe. All of these above listed measures as well as others are either addressed, inspected or can be discussed with you during a Peak Advantage Service Agreement visit.

    Our technicians can provide a Whole House Plumbing Inspection at no additional charge during a service to identify any other potential issues with your homes plumbing fixtures, before it becomes an emergency; waste and water lines as well as install valve tags to help you quickly identify emergency safety shutoffs such as gas and water valves, in case you ever need them. When a water heater needs to be repaired sometimes you know about it right away, think cold shower, or a leak has developed and you may not catch it right away, but eventually you find water on the floor around the heater.

    Our technicians are certified to identify safety concerns including carbon monoxide or improper installations of vent piping and chimneys which could threaten the safety of you and your family. As well as the comfort and ease of use side of things such as an easy to change filter, that you don't have to wrestle with, or maybe some improvements with ductwork to get that one cold room more comfortable. Nobody looks forward to having heating service or repairs done to their home, but eventually all mechanical things will require servicing.