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  • Our staff specializes in new, custom home construction; additions; and remodels. Goettl uses only the most reliable, best quality, energy-efficient air conditioning equipment available. At Goettl Air Conditioning, we feature a complete line of indoor air quality IAQ products and accessories, such as high efficiency air filters, humidifiers, programmable thermostats, fresh air exchangers removes stale air and indoor pollutants and brings in fresh air, healthy climate germicidal lights kills mold spores and bacteria, zoning controlled air in each room and much, much more.

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      City Peoria, AZ
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    We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. We replace the screws the other guys left out with custom Goettl red screws. We do Picture Perfect Installations to make sure your system lasts longer and uses less energy. Our Rejuuuvenation includes six critical adjustments that help your system work better and last longer. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on everything we do and our technicians are 'Sadie Certified'! There is no better protection than a dog that loves you. Sadie's Guard Dog Protection plan helps keep your home happy, safe, cool in the summer, warm in the winter and flood free.

    At Goettl, we are devoted to providing the highest quality service for all of your air conditioning system needs. Goettl was one of the original American pioneers of cooling systems and helped inspire the industry as we know it today. For over 80 years, our core values have remained the same. We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. You and your family's comfort depends on your home's HVAC system working. Which is why we specialize in providing comprehensive air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services, so you never have to worry about your AC failing, even on the hottest days.

    Whether your water heater has stopped working, uses more energy than you would like, or isn't able to heat enough water for your household, allow the plumbing experts at Goettl to help with your water heating troubles. You can trust us to determine the cause of your problem and offer transparent solutions. With over 80 years of experience, we continue to do things the right way, not the easy way. Even the best water heaters will eventually require repairs. That's where the professionals at Goettl come in.

    Leave gambling to the casinos! When it's 110 degrees in the shade, you don't want to take a chance with a non-working AC. Go beyond a tune-up and Rejuuuvenate! We take pride in our over 80-year history providing home services to the American Southwest. With a background as one of the great pioneers of the air conditioning industry, Goettl has since added heating and plumbing to our list of specialties. We continue to be committed to providing you with excellent customer service and look forward to serving you.

    We know you depend on your home's water and plumbing system. From showering in the morning to washing the dishes, we understand how important it is that your home plumbing and water supply operate smoothly, reliably, and with ease. Our team of trustworthy, certified plumbers are more than just experts in their field. They must pass rigorous standards to be considered for hire as a Goettl plumber. We use extensive testing measures, including background checks, drug testing, skills tests, and even personality tests to verify that applicants meet our standards.

    With 350 days of sunshine a year, Tucson is literally the sunniest city in the US. It's also one of the brightest, with the University of Arizona, Raytheon, and the Davis-Monath Air Force Base calling this city home. And rocket scientists know how imperative it is to keep chill during Tucson's incendiary summers. So when engineers who build guided missiles come home to a rattling AC, they call Goettl Air Conditioning. Goettl's highly trained, tightly screened, and "Sadie Certified" technicians know what they're doing, and always make sure that we do it the right way, not the easy way.

    Phoenix, AZ is Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing's original home! We've been paving the way against Phoenix's desert heat since 1939, when inventor-brothers Gust and Adam Goettl first moved to Phoenix and founded this company. So we've got just what is needed to keep Phoenix homes cool, comfortable, and safe, even in the peak of summer. We have deep roots in this community, and we are proud to serve it right, with professional "Sadie-certified" technicians and staff that we hope will delight you with everything that we do.

    You and your family's comfort depends on your home's heating system working well. We specialize in providing comprehensive repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services for all heating systems so you never have to worry. We are able to diagnose any issue you may be experiencing and find a solution that works for you. Our experts work hard to make sure your heating system is working to the best of its ability while utilizing the least amount of energy. Our goal is to extend the life of your heating unit while improving its productivity, so you can maximize your home's energy usage.