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  • Energy Management & Maintenance Company 1st opened over twenty years ago as a Sole Proprietorship 1986 and later incorporated as EMMCo. We supply service, installation and support to the domestic and commercial market. We specialize in energy conservation and quiet HVAC systems. We invite you to explore our modest website to better acquaint yourself with our services, products and staff.

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      City Tucson, AZ
      Zip Code 85712
      Address 2100 North Wilmot Rd # 109
      Phone Number (520) 733-9200

    From Our Website

    Energy Management and Maintenance Company (EMMCo) is an independent, licensed Arizona contractor that has been providing Tucson with energy efficient HVAC and water heater solutions for over 30+ years. We provide brand name, energy saving products as well as great customer care and prices that are fair and competitive. EMMCo offers residential and commercial Tucson air conditioning services as well as alternative Tucson water heater solutions to southern Arizona. Whether you are in need of air conditioning repair, maintenance for your existing HVAC system, or installation of a new air conditioning system our NATE certified technicians will get the job done right.

    A hydronic (hot water) forced air and water heating system is a single system which provides centrally controlled heating, cooling, and ventilation along with hot water to a home. Hydronic systems are similar to the gas/electric split system except the conventional gas furnace is replaced with a hydronic forced air fan coil. Hydronic forced air delivers more even, comfortable heat while typically using less energy than even a highly efficient gas furnace. This single relatively short appliance contains an air conditioning coil, a hot water coil and blower.

    Thermostats: There are a host of new capabilities available in thermostats. Available display information can include; humidity control, outside air temperature, system diagnostics, filter maintenance and much more. With a Wi-Fi network, Smart thermostats offer control from cell phones or computers. Features include wireless temp sensors, programming, history, alarm notification - commercial or residential. Whole House Air Cleaners: Facilitate; Less dust in the house, More comfort for occupants with allergies, More reliable system operation when components in the air stream can be kept "brand new clean".

    Eventually, all Arizona residents will find themselves needing a new cooling and heating unit. Replacing your old air conditioning and heating unit may not be as expensive as you think. It may actually save you money in the long run because your new unit will lower your cost throughout the year and require less repairs. EMMCo specializes in the installation of new heating and cooling systems for your home or office. Our EMMCo technicians will make sure you understand all of your options involved in replacing your old AC unit.

    There is nothing worse than having your air conditioner break in the middle of the hot Arizona summer! EMMCo is here to help and can service or repair most brands of heating and cooling systems. With more than 25 years of experience, no other Tucson air conditioning repair and service provider can match the quality AC repair and maintenance that EMMCo provides. We specialize in residential and commercial Tucson AC repair and maintenance and can help keep your air conditioning system running at full capacity.

    Water heating is the second largest energy consumer in the average American household, second only to Air Conditioning and heating. Traditional storage water heaters produce standby energy losses that cost you money. It is a very consistent load and a significant expense throughout the year. Tankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank so are considerably more efficient than conventional water heaters and eliminate standby losses. You save on energy costs and get endless hot water every time you need it.

    Incentives related to installations that EMMCo performs would include HVAC and tankless water heaters. 1 Tax credits from the federal government and the state of Arizona. These credits normally materialize (cash in hand) in the first quarter of the year following the qualified installation. The credits are a result of legislation for a specific period in yearly increments. If the tax credit is larger than your tax liability it is usually ok to carry over the remaining credit to the next year. 2 Utility rebates from TEP or SWG.

    The hot Tucson summer is more bearable when you have a well air-conditioned home or office. If your air conditioner is unreliable, inefficient or unresponsive we can help. EMMCo provides air conditioning repair and installation for Tucson Arizona Homes. We also provide high quality commercial air conditioning service and maintenance contracts. Our NATE certified technicians and installers are capable, efficient and professional. They can help you select the Energy Efficient Package Equipment or Split System that best fits your needs and your budget.