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  • Cool Z Heating. has been delivering heating and air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses through the Chicago area since 1997. Whether you need a new furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, standard maintenance, service or repair, Cool Z Heating. is ready to assist you and your family stay comfortable and save on energy costs.

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    Allow CoolzHeating to assist you with a variety of heating services. Don't get caught without heat when you need it most. Contact CoolzHeating to ensure that your home or property has a fully functioning heating system today. We understand that heating and air-conditioning services vary according to an individual environment. TLP H&A known as 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning has been in business since 1998 and has a combined experience of 75 years. During our years in business, we have been committed to aggressively learning what it take to be one of the very best in the service and installation of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products.

    When excellence in heating and air conditioning services is desired, CoolzHeating is the best choice for HVAC needs in the Chicago area. With our exceptional reputation amongst residential and commercial customers, CoolzHeating has earned its position as a trusted provider of HVAC services and equipment since 1997. The ability to provide HVAC services and equipment that are specifically suited to individual customer needs and concerns is only possible because of our extensive HVAC experience. When seeking a company that is capable of providing HVAC services and equipment that you can count on, CoolzHeating is the obvious choice.

    CoolzHeating offers a variety of heating services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area. From installations to maintenance and repair, CoolzHeating is always available to make sure that your heating systems are working at optimum levels. Use a company that you can trust to ensure that your heating system works when you need it most. CoolzHeating has well-trained HVAC technicians available to assist with a variety of heating services. The installation of heating systems which include boilers, furnaces and heat pumps.

    The installation of a quality HVAC system is something that cannot be underestimated. Obtaining the proper heating and cooling in a home or property is something that should be planned and executed by qualified HVAC professionals. CoolzHeating continues to be the preferred choice for the installation, maintenance and repair of a variety of HVAC services in the Chicago area. From the installation of heating and air conditioning units to helping our customers select humidifiers and air purifiers, CoolzHeating has the expertise to ensure that our customers are able to obtain the HVAC services that are most compatible with their heating and air conditioning needs.

    CoolzHeating offers an assortment of HVAC services to both residential and commercial customers. We provide estimate and service requests which allow individuals to obtain an approximate total value for particular HVAC services and to schedule appointments for either the installation, repair or maintenance of new or existing HVAC equipment. CoolzHeating also offers a variety of heating and HVAC services to increase the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning throughout a home or property. From the installation of a new HVAC system to the maintenance of existing heating systems, CoolzHeating has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that our customers receive nothing short of the best in heating and air-conditioning services.

    A whole system humidifier is just what you need to improve the air quality in your home. Is the air in your home in need of a little moisture? If so, CoolzHeating can help you add some moisture to your air by installing a brand new humidifier. Air quality is very important as it can ultimately affect the quality of your health. Dry air can definitely be a problem for people as it can cause a variety of physical problems such as nose bleeds and severe dry skin. Dry air can also have a negative impact on various structures in your home such as wooden doors and floors that can begin to form cracks and gaps as a result of the dry air.